Terms and Conditions

Important to know!

There is no guarantee that the weather conditions are good enough to see the aurora. We can’t control the weather.
If the weather is bad, or the temperature is too low, there will be no outdoor activeties for safety reasons.
We are not responsible for you not being able to see the the aurora or attending any outdoor activties due to the weather.

Booking Policy

You have to pay 100% of the amount upfront to confirm your booking.
If the amount is not payed within 24 hours your booking will be canceled.
If you cancle within 4 weeks before your stay. You will be refunded 50% of what you have paid.
If you cancle your trip when it’s less than 4 weeks to your arrival, you will not recive any refunds.


If your booking is within 4 weeks or minimum 4 days before your arrival.
You will have to pay the full amount within 24 hours of your booking to confirm it.
There will be no refunds when booking on such a short notice.